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AGC of America Corner allows you to embed links to news headlines from AGC of America on your website. Headlines are updated automatically as new stories are published. This tool will allow you to select what type of stories you want to have displayed on your site and customize the appearance of your AGCA Corner. Once you are finished, it will generate the code that you will need to place on your site to enable this feature.

Use of this tool requires some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. While in most cases you should be able to simply paste the generated code on your website and everything will work fine, in some instances you will need to edit some of the code to make the AGCA Corner adopt the "look and feel" of your site.

Step 1. Select your feeds (for best results, choose at least 3 feeds)

Highway & Transportation
Municipal & Utilities
Safety & Health
Human Resources & Labor
Specialty Contractors News
AGC In The News
AGC Marketplace
All News

Step 2. Choose how many headlines you would like to appear on your site

Step 3. Customize the appearance of your AGCA Corner

The appearance of your AGCA Corner can be customized to match the design of your website. Almost every aspect of the appearance can be manipulated. Some common settings can be set below.

a. Select your header image

Choose which image you would like to have appear at the top of your AGCA corner. Images are provided in both light and dark text variants; you should select the variant that will show up best against your website's background.

All of the images have transparent backgrounds, so your website's background color will show through - the "light text" variants are shown with a black background so that you can see the text.

AGC of America News

AGC of America News

b. Set the width of the header image

You can resize the header image up to 720 pixels wide (which would be quite large). If you have chosen to use the AGC logo header image, it should be at least 200 pixels wide - it becomes illegible at smaller sizes. The default size (seen above) is 195 pixels wide.


c. Set the width of the AGCA Corner

By default, the AGCA Corner is 300 pixels wide (this is the width of the example at the top of the page, without the border). You can change this to any width you would like, although it must be at least as wide as the header image width. You can leave this box blank and the width will be the same as the parent element ("fluid").